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Steinbrenner Girls’ soccer team faced with new challenges

During the 2017-2018 school season, the Steinbrenner Girl’s Soccer team, led by Coach Shannon Scott, has remain undefeated and has implemented the mercy rule three times this
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Steinbrenner Warriors basketball teams slay the Jefferson Dragons

The Steinbrenner Warriors girls and boys’ basketball teams both beat the Jefferson Dragons starting their seasons off strong. The boys definitely had a stronger defense,
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Steinbrenner Varsity Girl’s Soccer Team implements mercy rule

On Nov. 9,  the Steinbrenner Girls Varsity Soccer team faced off against Leto High School, winning the game by a score of 8-0. Haley Hernandez
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Steinbrenner Warriors versus King Lions

  On Friday the 17th the Steinbrenner Warriors and the King Lions faced off, resulting in a tied game of 1-1. Overall the Steinbrenner Boy’s Soccer
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Teachers’ effort not reflected in lack of raises

On the morning of Oct. 30, approximately 20-30 teachers from Steinbrenner and McKitrick participated in a peaceful rally at the front of the schools before
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The importance of free expression in literature

Literature plays an important role in student’s education. It is a valuable tool for both understanding history and learning about human nature. However, there are
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The reason why taking a knee isn’t taking a stand

The protest against black oppression by kneeling during the National Anthem has been waging in the NFL since Colin Kaepernick, quarterback for the San Francisco
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Hillsborough County dodges teacher raises yet again

The Hillsborough County budget has grown into somewhat of a sour topic of discussion over the past few years. Especially after the school district spent