Army of Thieves steals fans’ hearts

Army of Thieves, directed by Matthias Schweighöfer, follows the main character SebastianSchlencht-Wönert (Matthias Schweighöfer) a highly trained locksmith living a mundane life inGermany. When one […]

Tiger King Declawed

In the wake of the immense success of the original Tiger King series, it should come as nosurprise that Netflix was eager to create a […]

Silk Sonic brings 70’s vibes back into the era with their groovy new album

After reaching charts early March with “Leave The Door Open” many listeners were left wondering when they would hear next from the new mysterious band who supposedly called themselves ‘Silk Sonic’. Bruno Mars (Peter […]

An ‘Eternal’ Fail

   Eternals, the latest Marvel movie, was released on November 5 in theaters. The anticipation was high for many Marvel fans, but the film attracted mixed reviews. Though some enjoyed the movie, others were disappointed… […]

Girls Volleyball Ends the Season with A 25-4 Record

The Girls Varsity Volleyball team, coached by Sabrina Shoemaker, has played their hearts out and battled every single time they stepped on the court. This team earned how far they got […]

New Dune movie creates ‘Dunes’ of mixed reviews

Dune has been adapted into movie format about 3 times. It’s a very sci-fi themed story, giving a very Star Wars, Luke Skywalker and Yoda, galactic empire vs resistance […]

Are textbooks useful or do they hinder education?

All students have used textbooks of some sort at a point, whether it has been for the activities in Springboard or the guided readings in any history textbook. Most classes […]

ESPN: The Team behind the Sports

One may ask, who oversees all the sports reporting at Steinbrenner? As a response there are two words: Sports Marketing. Within the sports marketing branch, there is a small team of hardworking students who […]

False fire drills set off alarms for new procedures

Since the 2021 school year has started, the Administration and teachers have tried as hard as possible to get the school’s environment back the best they can. This has caused a number […]

Are Consumers Bored of Seeing the Same Thing on TV?

The best thing about a series with multiple movies or a show with many seasons is growing attached to the characters and their story, but when is it enough? When is it time to finally end the story? […]

To Date or Not to Date

Steinbrenner’s Homecoming Dance has come and passed. For the past month of October, kids all over school have been swarming around, hunting for scraps of fabric that may or […]