Steinbrenner High School’s football team played their homecoming game against Chamberlin High School on Friday, October 22nd. The game was a kick-off for the festivities, and it was a major form of excitement for the fans. 

Although the main attraction for the night was the game, the event offered many opportunities for fun school spirit. Some of these events included a parade of each class’s floats, and an introduction to that year’s homecoming court. 

At the game’s halftime, it was time for the parade. Throughout the year, the different class clubs (freshman, sophomore, gold crew, etc.), have been working on posters and decorations. At the game, the senate members and various other selected people walked alongside their floats. 

However, these floats weren’t technically what they were called. Instead, the ‘floats’ were golf carts adorned with streamers, posters and members of the Senate. Each golf cart was a different color theme for the graduating class they represented.  

The football game was spirit themed, so the student section was a sea of blue, gold, silver, and white. As the floats went by, the crowd could certainly be heard as they cheered on their floats. 

Lily Sinclair, a sophomore at Steinbrenner High School, and a senate member talks about how she thinks the class floats allow for student involvement. 

“I think they promote student involvement because it allows a couple students from each class help represent their class and work together,” said Sinclair.  

In addition to the parade, the members of the homecoming court got to walk the field. As they were introduced, Mrs. Clemmons, one of Steinbrenner High School’s assistant principals also announced their future school of choice and aspiring majors. The dukes, duchesses, prince and princesses were lined up on the opposite side of the field. Once their names were called, they would walk across the field past balloon fixtures and color guard members wielding flags. 

Mrs. Clemmons shares how she enjoys the homecoming festivities. 

“I enjoy doing the announcement because sometimes in student affairs we spend a lot of time dealing with things that people don’t always perceive as positive, like having to deal with behavior problems. But when we get to get involved in homecoming spirit week and dress up like you guys [the students], and get involved in the aspects of homecoming, like announcing court, it helps us to have a little bit of fun as well,” said Clemmons. 

As the game progressed, various familiar chants broke out throughout the crowd. Some of these included “I believe that we will win”, “Let’s go defense”, and “Let’s go Warriors!”. 

Due to the fact that it was an important game to attend, there was anticipation of more fans which led to the expansion of the student section. It was previously located on the left, closest to the school building and was adjacent to the band. For this game, however, it was moved over to the right and more bleachers were labeled as for student use. 

Throughout most of the game, Steinbrenner and Chamberlin were neck and neck, but the Warriors pulled it out of the bag in the final quarter. Ending the game with a score of 38-21 the Steinbrenner Warriors had won their homecoming game, now they advance to the Senior Night game against Palm Harbor University. 

Lorelei Woodward // Opinion Editor 

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