Warrior Football Hypes Up the Homecoming Festivities

Steinbrenner High School’s football team played their homecoming game against Chamberlin High School on Friday, October 22nd. The game was a kick-off for the festivities, and it was a […]

Pep Rally Perfection

Steinbrenner High School kicked off its homecoming festivities on Friday, October 22nd with a pep rally. Pep rallies are used for getting students and fans excited before a sports […]

Suspicions for Spirit Week

Homecoming traditions are different for every school. At Steinbrenner High School, they celebrate with a spirit week, where every day has a different theme that students can […]

Honing in on Homecoming Dresses

Homecoming season is in full swing, leaving many girls to start purging the stores in search of outfits. Here is a guide for where to find homecoming dresses.  The ever-popular store, […]

AP Human Mandated for Freshman in Hillsborough County

The new school year for Hillsborough County has officially begun, and with it comes schedules for the year.  Many first-year students were surprised to find the class AP […]