The Girls Varsity Volleyball team, coached by Sabrina Shoemaker, has played their hearts out and battled every single time they stepped on the court. This team earned how far they got by constantly working hard and getting better. They made it all the way to the State championships and played Plant High school. This was their third time playing plant in the 2021 season, in the past they have lost one and won one against them.  

Considering the past scores against Plant, the team knew they had to come together and play their hardest to beat them. These two evenly matched teams battled; however, Steinbrenner came up short, losing 3-1. But sometimes the game is more than just winning and losing.  

Junior, Kika Jibawi, talks about her thoughts on the season.  

“This season with the volleyball girls has taught us how to become a real team and sisters. I think with all our hard work and practicing every day we have learned to depend on each other and trust each other. We’ve learned to love and fight for everything we did. We learned to stick together in our hard times and learned how to fight through everything. Although our last game was not the best, it has definitely taught us what we need to do in the future. We’ve learned to not give up and keep moving forward. Plant does not stop us.” 

This proves that to the Steinbrenner Girls Volleyball program is not always about winning. Yes, winning gets you places and it never feels good to lose, but this team takes losing and turns it into a learning experience. One of the most important things when it comes to a team, is having a connection and bond and that puts this team at a huge advantage. This team has continued to constantly get better and they will come back next year better than ever.  

Carly Grey//Staff Writer 

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