In the wake of the immense success of the original Tiger King series, it should come as no
surprise that Netflix was eager to create a second season to try and rekindle the overwhelming
fan response that was evoked by the first debut. With so many questions left unanswered and
loose strings left untied, a follow up was almost necessary, however this new season leaves
viewers with just as many questions as they had before. With five new episodes each clocking
in at between forty to forty-four minutes long, it feels as though this second season has
provided a minimal amount of anything content-wise, especially compared to the immediate
and overzealous response the first season garnered.
The second season aims to provide a follow-up of sorts with the colorful cast of characters
fans were introduced to during the previous season the topics of each of the episodes seems
hop around quite a bit. Each new addition hones in on a different aspect of the drama adding
varying degrees of information to the ever-growing tangled web of deceit and misfortune.
However, one can’t help but feel that the episodes can tend to drag on in some instances
making an otherwise short story long. For viewers looking for real answers to so many of the
questions left unanswered, they will be disappointed to find that many have been left open
Despite this it feels as though the show can’t be blamed entirely for the feeling of disparity
regarding content. Mostly because many of the issues discussed throughout the show are still
developing. Joseph Maldonado-Passage, known to the world as Joe Exotic, is still sitting in
prison, only two years into a twenty-two-year sentence, and the mystery that has prompted a
multitude of rumors started with the disappearance of Carole Baskin’s former husband Don
Lewis, a case that remains under active investigation. While the new episodes do a respectable
job of catching watchers up to speed, there is never a satisfying resolution, and this is largely
because there is no resolution to give.
Tiger King 2 provides a glimpse into the bizarre world of big cats. With so much drama and
intrigued prompted by the original episodes that it could not help but draw viewers in for more.
For those looking for more information on the infamous Tiger King and the circumstances
surrounding the entire show, it does provide a summary of what has occurred, albeit if it feels
slightly drawn out in some areas. Although for those looking for real answers, we’re sad to say
this series will not provide you with any. Overall Tiger King 2 gets a 6.5/10.

Zoey Lind // Staff Writer

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