Tiger King Declawed

In the wake of the immense success of the original Tiger King series, it should come as nosurprise that Netflix was eager to create a […]

What if… This Show Was a Waste Of Potential?

The new ‘What if…?’ TV show follows the Watcher, an omniscient presence that observes all possible timelines, never intervening. He narrates each episode, as the animated T.V show presents the question […]

Grey’s Anatomy Is Cutting into the New Season

Grey’s Anatomy has always been a popular medical and romantic drama that teenagers watch. It has been airing for 16 years, 18 seasons and going strong. There has always been a […]

“The Politician” wins the majority vote

Netflix’s new series, “The Politician”, tackles mental health, political correctness, and economic evils with a surprising mix of drama, music, and satire, and revenge. The […]

The Oracle’s 2019 Oscar Academy Awards picks and predictions

The 2018-2019 awards season has been one of controversy, new steps for representation, and unique perspectives. The films that are nominated for the 2019 Academy […]

“Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” sends chills down viewers’ spines

This review contains spoilers for “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.” Ever since “Riverdale” premiered in January 2017, the Archie Comics craze has not died down. The […]

Nostalgia keeps “Will and Grace” season two alive

With a new introduction to the cast, new storylines, and always hilarious jokes, the season two premiere of “Will and Grace” did not disappoint. The half-hour […]

“Riverdale” season three doesn’t bring anything unique to teen television

Contains minor spoilers for season three of “Riverdale.” “Riverdale” gave no shortage of confusion and drama in its season premiere Wednesday. The widely popular teen […]

Love is in the OR

Warning: contains major spoilers. Prep the OR, and scrub in because “Grey’s Anatomy” is back for Season 15 and it’s the “season of love.”  And […]