Senior Jahnathan Hyppolite is always stunning the crowd, from the football field to the stage. As his busy life began in Akron, Ohio he moved to Tampa only to attend Steinbrenner High school during the 2019 – 2020 school year and get busier. Hyppolite is a player on the varsity football team, portrays many different characters in theatre, sings in the choir and is a member of Steinbrenner’s environmental club and creative writing club. On top of homework and college admissions, Hyppolite makes room for the activities he loves to do.  

On the 18-hour car ride to Tampa, Hyppolite entertained himself by writing. He explains that he loves to write music, memoirs, non-fiction, and poetry.  

“I wrote a lot on my journey here – writing helps a lot,” said Hyppolite.  

The only way to cope with his little brothers in the car was by writing. His great writing has put him in the position of the young arts scholarship program and has landed him a spot in Creative Writing 2 next semester.  

Although he likes to write music, Hyppolite loves to sing it to. As he is slowly creating a bond with others on choir, his love for singing is put into the atmosphere during choir class. He has been singing for as long as he can remember. Hyppolite goes on to explain that music is a way for him to express himself, especially if that’s through singing and rapping.  

“I try to be a part of everything musical thing that I can,” said Hyppolite. 

Theatre is the perfect opportunity for that. The theater department had an opportunity at participating in IE’s, a district-wide event where students can come and show their talent on the stage individually.  

“IE’s was really cool, it was my first time being there and my last time being there,” said Hyppolite. 

As he worked hard for the chance to perform a solo, he also plans on taking his theatre skills farther than Steinbrenner’s stage. 

“I don’t know about any shows outside of Steinbrenner, but I’m going to see what I can do,” said Hyppolite 

As of right now, Steinbrenner’s drama department will be hosting two shows, “The Old Man and the Old Moon” and “Young Frankenstein”. Due to the conflicts with the football season, Hyppolite will not be able to take a role in “The Old Man and the Old Moon”. Hyppolite plans on participating in the spring musical, “Young Frankenstein.”

While the spotlight may shine on him on the stage, the stadium lights are sure to shine on him as well. As he plays from offense to defense, as a running back to linebacker, Hyppolite dedicates his time to the team. The football field is where he shares a special connection with his team members. 

“Even after football season, the brotherhood is still going to be there,” said Hyppolite.  

Although he is a new student, the bond between Hyppolite and the team is strong. Furthermore, he explains that he can call every member of the team a brother. 

Between his writing, singing, acting, and football, Hyppolite explains that the overwhelming feeling “comes in waves.” As these activities keep him busy there are times when he can become stressed. Hyppolite believes that everyone should do what makes them happy. According to Hyppolite, writing, acting, singing, and dancing makes him happiest. 

Bella Lopez // Staff Writer

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