Girls Volleyball Ends the Season with A 25-4 Record

The Girls Varsity Volleyball team, coached by Sabrina Shoemaker, has played their hearts out and battled every single time they stepped on the court. This team earned how far they got […]

Surprising Tie for The 2021 Spirit Stick

Spirit week is a wonderful way to let kids express their love for their school. It promotes positive culture, and unity with their classmates. Here, at Steinbrenner High School, spirit week is also considered “Hoco week,” or the week leading up to […]

Grey’s Anatomy Is Cutting into the New Season

Grey’s Anatomy has always been a popular medical and romantic drama that teenagers watch. It has been airing for 16 years, 18 seasons and going strong. There has always been a […]

The Change of Recruiting Processes with Division 1 Colleges

September 1st was a big day for a lot of athletes looking to further their abilities to the next level. On July 15th, D2 and D3 coaches were able to reach out to juniors in the […]

Warrior’s varsity volleyball beats five-time state champions Venice High in preseason

The Steinbrenner varsity volleyball team has been constantly working and preparing to build up to this season, by running a lot of drill-based activity at their […]