Spirit week is a wonderful way to let kids express their love for their school. It promotes positive culture, and unity with their classmates. Here, at Steinbrenner High School, spirit week is also considered “Hoco week,” or the week leading up to homecoming. All classes, freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors compete to win the spirit stick.  

Administration takes into consideration how well your class dresses up, your theme/shirts, hall, chant, and making a skit for the pep rally. Along with competing for the spirit stick, you vote for your homecoming court. At homecoming they announce the winners for these competitions during homecoming.  

The class of 2023 have won the spirit stick the past two years, their freshman and sophomore year. They were hoping to pull through and win for the 3rd time in a row. Their goal is to win the spirit stick all 4 years that they go to Steinbrenner. This goal is achievable since they have shown repeatedly that they have topped other classes tremendously when it comes to spirit. Knowing this, they went into spirit week with complete confidence on winning and felt they did their best in all the categories. All it came down to was administration’s vote.  

After patiently waiting all week for the results, it was finally homecoming day. Mrs Haskell, who runs the senate, announced the winners to be a tie. The tie was between the Juniors and Seniors, this came as a shocking surprise, because people thought Juniors did best. 

Junior, Abby Eash, shared her thoughts on the winner of the spirit stick.  

“I feel like they did good but really seniors almost won every year out of pity, and we did better,” said Eash. “We had more spirit at games and more participation during spirit week.”  

This does not take away from the Juniors winning streak, because they still won, they just tied with another class. If the junior class still wants to win all four years, they are going to come out next year and put on their best performance.  

Carly Grey//Staff Writer

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