Tik Tok has become number 1 in entertainment in app stores worldwide, welcoming many users to create videos, including 11th grader Matthew De La Torre, a student among us here at Steinbrenner High school. As his early Tik Tok career began in the summer De La Torre thought of Tik Tok as a joke. After his friends convinced him that he would get popular, he decided to download it. 

“It started growing really fast, like five videos in it was already starting to grow,” said De La Torre. 

Little did he know that his friends were right, and his account would grow overnight. As his account continued to grow with thousands of fans, De La Torre continued to create content. 

“I try to do relatable things, things that people would be like I do that,” said De La Torre. 

With a manager that had connections to Tik Tok, De La Torre was soon on the road to becoming a Tik Tok Star.  As of now, his manager is no longer working with him, he continues to work independently and gain support from thousands of followers.

With a following of more than 700,000 supporters De La Torre was labeled a popular creator.  His reaction, surprised, he didn’t expect for his account to go far. And as far as family and friends, they were surprised and confused because De La Torre came across as a shy person.  

Not only does Tik Tok benefit De La Torres personality by making him less shy, but it also gets him more known by the people in his community and other users on Tik Tok. As a result of having supporters, meet and greets are events that De La Torres fans look forward to.

“It’s really cool especially when you meet them and see how passionate they are about meeting you. It’s like really cool to me,” said De La Torre.  

After a trip to Chicago in January for a meet and greet with a few other Tik Tok stars De La Torre soon realized how many supporters were behind him. 

As De La Torres account continues to grow with fans, he dreams of hitting 1 million followers. He also would like to attend playlist, an event where fans can meet their biggest influencers.

Bella Lopez // Staff Writer

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