ESPN: The Team behind the Sports

One may ask, who oversees all the sports reporting at Steinbrenner? As a response there are two words: Sports Marketing. Within the sports marketing branch, there is a small team of hardworking students who […]

A Warrior’s Homecoming

A night that everyone dreams of. The lights, the music, the venue. The homecoming dance is surelysupposed to be a night to remember and cherish […]

Bath times for K-9’s

A Spa for dogs? Yep, Steinbrenner High school has exactly that. From soap suds to nail clippers the Steinbrenner FFA club takes loving care of […]

FFA and the Fairgrounds

A big event for the FFA club at Steinbrenner is the Hillsborough County Fair in Dover, Florida, taken place during September 23rd through October 2nd. The fair typically […]

D-1 Madison Espy for the Win

After six plus years of playing competitive volleyball, senior Madison Espy has made herself well known on the Steinbrenner varsity volleyball team and in the […]

Keeping Up With Connie

The football game on the Friday of September 3rd was one to remember, but not because of the actual game. This game was slightly different since the football players […]