A night that everyone dreams of. The lights, the music, the venue. The homecoming dance is surely
supposed to be a night to remember and cherish for the rest of one’s life into adulthood.

At Steinbrenner, the 2021 Homecoming dance was held in one historic site, the Tampa Convention
Center. The city lined the sky with lights that reflected in the water below and the halls leading towards
the ballroom glimmered as if one was looking through a kaleidoscope. The location of the dance did not

The location itself encouraged students to explore the downtown area and enjoy the many restaurants
and attractions offered by the city. If some were not drawn by the downtown appeal, they could take a
stroll by the riverside or a walk in the parks surrounding Tampa. The place chosen by the homecoming
committee was truly “picture perfect” and gave many the opportunity to take pictures right by the
water’s natural background

Within the glass sliding doors of the Tampa Convention Center lay the ballroom where the dance was
taking place. The tables were lined with black cloth and the lights flashed red on the dance floor. The
balloons also tied in the black and white theme near the pillars of the room.

One could hear the hum of the bass from outside the ballroom. The music played was mainly rap and
the regular party music one would find on a YouTube party playlist. At times it did seem a bit repetitive
but overall, it comes down to personal preferences of music. The list was long for song
recommendations, and many did not get to enjoy a slow dance since all the songs were upbeat or rap.
Whether that is a positive or negative aspect to the dance it is up to the reader to decide.

The spirit on the dance floor was high that night and it ended up full on the dance floor. The DJ was sure
to get the crowd’s attention and allow the crowd to sing the chorus of some of the songs in unison as a

The homecoming court ceremony also played a significant role in the school spirit shown during the
dance. The walkway for the nominees was well put together in order to make sure everyone could see
and cheer on their fellow classmates as they would walk the stage and receive their crowns and sashes.

The only negative aspect of the dance planning was the organization of getting your entrance bracelet.
The crowding began, the second one walked into the convention center. To get into the ballroom itself
one had to wait in a line of about 40 or more people. Not to mention the struggle of finding parking
nearby. By the time one got in through the ballroom entrance there was a big portion of time lost due to
the wait.

Despite the wait times, however, many enjoyed themselves at the dance.
“I thought it was really fun, and overall, an awesome night! The crowd was good, and the place was
nice,” said freshman Zaina Khan.

In the end, the dance matched the set expectations of a homecoming dance just like how it is perceived
in movies and TV shows due to its grand venue, decorated theme and stage that grabbed the audience’s
Saule Kondra // Staff Writer

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