One may ask, who oversees all the sports reporting at Steinbrenner? As a response there are two words: Sports Marketing. Within the sports marketing branch, there is a small team of hardworking students who run the GSHS ESPN program, and they sure do a lot. 

Each student that is a part of the ESPN program has a job to do. From social media promotions to interviewing athletes, this team has a lot on their plate. 

Many of the students on the ESPN team stated that they joined the program to be more involved in school activities. Many of them play sports as well and felt that they wanted to pursue something more in athletics, outside of their sport. Nicholas De Castro, a sophomore, and sports informant for ESPN explains why he joined. 

 “I wanted to know a little bit more about the other sports around school. I wanted to be more involved,” said De Castro. These students give up a lot of their time towards the school’s athletics and all Steinbrenner has to offer.  

Sports informants play a significant role in showing off the athletes and coaches at Steinbrenner. They set up interviews with the players and talk about all things relating to their sport, from how they started to what their plans for the future are. 

 “It opened my eyes about how many other sports are at our school and how many accomplishments we have,” said Ali Schlueter, a lacrosse player and first year sports informant. 

A substantial portion of promoting sports at Steinbrenner goes through social media. The ESPN runs a Twitter and Instagram account in which they promote upcoming events, congratulate teams and individual players, and cover sports events. These accounts are student run and organized. 

 Sydney Grimm, a Senior Outreach coordinator for ESPN manages the Instagram page and reaches out to coaches to learn more about upcoming events for all athletics such as special days like Senior appreciation nights.  

Another position in ESPN includes the Director. This year’s director is Colin Young, a football player, and Junior at Steinbrenner. As the director of ESPN, he overlooks all the posts and makes strategies for how to promote certain events. The director’s job also includes pricing of certain events and raffles.  

The marketing team all agreed that their favorite part of working with ESPN was the fact that they get to experience the spirit of the student body during games and to be exposed to and talk to all sorts of people.  

“I get to work with people I would never have worked with,” states Young. 

When asked if the ESPN program could be improved in any way many did not have suggestions since it has been running proficiently for a while now. “The program at Steinbrenner is the best and other schools can probably learn from us,” states Grimm.  

Saule Kondra // Staff Writer 

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