False fire drills set off alarms for new procedures

Since the 2021 school year has started, the Administration and teachers have tried as hard as possible to get the school’s environment back the best they can. This has caused a number […]

The Court of Steinbrenner

Originating in 1910, homecoming court has been an American tradition in many high schools throughout our nation. But where did it come from? What’s the […]

Homecoming Dress Code Debate

Steinbrenner High school is had their annual homecoming dance for the first time in two years due to COVID-19. For many students this was the first dance that they get to attend, and there was a lot of confusion about what […]

Audrey Bennett Riding for the Ribbon

Audrey Bennett, a freshman at Steinbrenner High School, is an upcoming equestrian star. Bennet has been horseback riding for nine years and is ranked 3rd in the nation for […]

Hillsborough County Removes Desktops from Classrooms and Computer Labs

Hillsborough county school district has come out with a new policy that will get rid of all desktops in classrooms and computer labs. This impacts everyone including students, teachers and the site tech.   Mr. Colangelo is Steinbrenner’s tech resource. He assists teachers with their computer problems and […]