To Date or Not to Date

Steinbrenner’s Homecoming Dance has come and passed. For the past month of October, kids all over school have been swarming around, hunting for scraps of fabric that may or […]

The Mystery Cold of Steinbrenner

A new, mysterious figure has made its entrance to the scene of Steinbrenner. Taking the breath away of girls, boys, and teachers alike- not with charm, not with looks, and […]

Festive Fall Events

Fall has finally made its way around to Florida! Fall in Florida, meaning the occasional “cold fronts” that are more like weather hiccups where the […]

Coming of Age is Coming in Hot!

The movie industry is helping teenagers relate to characters and experiences through their films. The most influential ones have been ‘The Half of it’, ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’, […]