Are textbooks useful or do they hinder education?

All students have used textbooks of some sort at a point, whether it has been for the activities in Springboard or the guided readings in any history textbook. Most classes […]

Are Consumers Bored of Seeing the Same Thing on TV?

The best thing about a series with multiple movies or a show with many seasons is growing attached to the characters and their story, but when is it enough? When is it time to finally end the story? […]

To Date or Not to Date

Steinbrenner’s Homecoming Dance has come and passed. For the past month of October, kids all over school have been swarming around, hunting for scraps of fabric that may or […]

Is the Revitalization of Tampa Bay Needed?

Tampa is home to historical monuments like the Bustillo-Diaz Cigar Factory, Ybor Square, and many others. Although, some of these landmarks are being changed and, in their place, buildings are being built used for commercial use such […]

Should Students Be Required to Read Specific Books?

More and more often, schools and English teachers have been implementing specific books into English curriculum as required reading. Requiring certain books to be read not only hinders students’ ability to think […]

The Mystery Cold of Steinbrenner

A new, mysterious figure has made its entrance to the scene of Steinbrenner. Taking the breath away of girls, boys, and teachers alike- not with charm, not with looks, and […]

It Was a Dark and Stormy (Sweaty) Night

You walk with friends on Halloween night; the costume that you’re wearing looks like a cheap rip-off of Scooby-Doo and your friends all match with you. Shaggy on […]

Where Is the Priority of an Arts Class on a Colleges Agenda?

Attending college is a part of every high schooler’s future and getting all the requirements can be difficult when it comes to all the math, science, English and history credits […]

Fall “Fun” in Florida [SATIRE]

The season of fall has just begun! While most of the nation begins to bundle up as cold temperatures hit, Florida faces drastically different weather, thus giving it a wildly […]

Schools are overcrowded and understaffed

In recent months, Hillsborough county superintendent Addison Davis has made several statements claiming that cuts in the number of teachers and budgets may be made soon. This has caused many teachers to […]

Influencers have the right to use their platforms for politics

Every day people are being affected and shaped by what celebrities think and do. Celebrities such as Hank Green, Cardi B, Josh Gad, Ariana Grande can change the minds of millions of people by how they […]