Schools are overcrowded and understaffed

In recent months, Hillsborough county superintendent Addison Davis has made several statements claiming that cuts in the number of teachers and budgets may be made soon. This has caused many teachers to […]

Walls are the canvases of the world

In recent years, especially with areas being gentrified and cities growing, vandalism and destruction of property have been big issues; graffiti being one of these things […]

Christmas trees: real vs fake

In recent years, fake Christmas trees have gained immense popularity. As this occurred, the effects of the 2008 recession were seen when tree prices shot […]

“Mulan” reboot causes controversy for Disney

Since the announcement of the reboot of the classic Disney film from 1998, “Mulan” has been in headlines for many different reasons, ranging from political […]

“Overcomer” fails to change opinions on faith-based films

Faith-based movies that are released in theaters are never well-reviewed or get much love. This movie is no exception. Although the overall plot of “Overcomer” […]

Students choosing alternative forms of schooling has large impact on Steinbrenner

Students at Steinbrenner are constantly looking to boost their GPA; but with limited hours in the day, many turn to alternative schooling to gain their necessary […]

“The Girl In the Spider’s Web” leaves audience members stuck in their seats

Opening up to two small children playing chess, the screenwriters and director of “The Girl in the Spider’s Web” creates a plot full of mystery […]