The season of fall has just begun! While most of the nation begins to bundle up as cold temperatures hit, Florida faces drastically different weather, thus giving it a wildly different autumn experience. 

In the northern states, many have begun to put on windbreakers or other jackets, but the only cool breeze you’ll find in Florida is from opening your freezer to grab an ice pop. 

A common feeling during most autumn days is the crisp, cool air. In Florida, the air is thick and heavy during the first half of the season – it’s like wearing a large wet blanket. 

Piles of leaves to jump in? Forget that idea, trees here in Florida never lose their leaves. The only yellow, orange, and red you’ll see will be from the Pinterest door displays of wreaths and pumpkins that you look at while sobbing over your bowl of ice cream; because yes, it is still hot enough for ice cream. 

While morning temperatures have decreased from their summer highs, the temperature in the late afternoon has not gotten the memo. Everybody cranks on the AC during the day, because the alternative is sweating buckets and panting like dogs. It’s one of the reasons why most traditional autumn attire, which includes hoods, scarves, and hats, is as rare as snow. 

As most Floridians still wallow in a puddle of sweat, those who live in Northern states flee to Florida in fear of the cold, like a giant flock of geese. These “snowbirds” yearn to see the green trees and warmer weather once again, and wind up taking over our roads, beaches, parks, businesses, and retirement communities, not so different from their avian counterparts. 

Most of the fall storms that many Northerners are acquainted with are blizzards. Of course, the only blizzards you will ever find in Florida are the ones from Dairy Queen that make you late for school or work. Instead, we get hurricanes and other tropical storms, which douse the state with rain and torment it with fierce winds. 

Florida is a great place to live for most of the year. If you’re looking for a winter wonderland, look no further, because Florida is perfect for you! 

Anthony Menold // Staff Writer 

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