Influencers have the right to use their platforms for politics

Every day people are being affected and shaped by what celebrities think and do. Celebrities such as Hank Green, Cardi B, Josh Gad, Ariana Grande can change the minds of millions of people by how they […]

The moral purpose of higher education

To some people, the thought of having to grow up and go to a college scares them. To others, it’s exciting to think about the new adventures that wait for them in college. Education is always […]

Social media influencers experience “pretty privelege”

When we scroll through Instagram or TikTok we see countless faces, some we will probably never remember. But, when a pretty face pops up, do we all stop to look, or do we all […]

Social media changes the way we perceive politics

When people think of social media, their minds will probably automatically go to teenagers. There are many uses for social media, like posting picture/videos, but many teens have found that they can share their political […]

Marie Puskas Wins Teacher of the Year Award at Steinbrenner High School

This school year, one very hardworking and beloved math teacher from Steinbrenner High School, Marie Puskas, won the much-deserved Teacher of the Year Award from the votes and praise she got from her […]

Guidance counselor from Steinbrenner High School Wins A+ Teacher Award

Just last month Jaclyn Capello, a guidance counselor for Steinbrenner High School, received the A+ Teacher recognition for her outstanding work helping students reach their goals and go above and beyond.   Capello […]