The moral purpose of higher education

To some people, the thought of having to grow up and go to a college scares them. To others, it’s exciting to think about the new adventures that wait for them in college. Education is always […]

Social media influencers experience “pretty privelege”

When we scroll through Instagram or TikTok we see countless faces, some we will probably never remember. But, when a pretty face pops up, do we all stop to look, or do we all […]

Students should be able to choose if they get the COVID-19 vaccine

A little less than ten months ago, the world as it’s known was taken over by a previously unknown disease. Covid-19 has controlled the lives of many, from wearing masks to using hand sanitizer multiple times throughout […]

Volunteers are more valuable than store bought goods

High school has a vast number of clubs covering a variety of categories for students to sign up for each year. Some welcome anyone who passes by and […]

Raising the minimum wage could be more beneficial if done on a state level

On Nov. 3, 2020 Florida voters passed a law set to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour incrementally by 2026. Florida Amendment Two, otherwise known as the $15 Minimum […]

Walls are the canvases of the world

In recent years, especially with areas being gentrified and cities growing, vandalism and destruction of property have been big issues; graffiti being one of these things […]

A second lockdown would be another negative side effect of COVID-19

As other countries have entered a second lockdown due to an increase in Coronavirus cases, America may be facing the same fate in the near future. The United States succeeded European countries such […]

Christmas trees: real vs fake

In recent years, fake Christmas trees have gained immense popularity. As this occurred, the effects of the 2008 recession were seen when tree prices shot […]