Pitbull, the one and only, graced Tampa with his presence at the MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre on October 13, 2021 and sang his heart out with Iggy Azalea as the opener, seeing as this was the last night of the I Feel Good Tour.  

The show began with Iggy Azalea’s opening act, consisting of 14 songs. Ranging from the more popular ones like, “Sally Walker”, “Black Widow”, “Work” and “Fancy.” To newer songs from her latest album, ‘The End of An Era,’ such as “Peach Body.” Azalea’s performance was 30 minutes long and had elaborate videos which were projected on screens behind her, matching the aesthetic of her most recent album. Her outfit was a pink corset bodysuit, which thoroughly matched her personality. 

The background dancers were amazing and the use of smoke shooting up from the stage really added to her stage presence. Azalea even paid tribute to Britney Spears by singing her song “Pretty Girls.” 

Following was an hour break where fans went to the restroom, got drinks, and enjoyed the music the DJ was playing from the stage. 

Then it was finally that time of the night, for Mr. Worldwide. The intro showed up on the screens and he came on singing “Don’t Stop the Party,” which got everyone hyped for the next hour and a half to follow. Of course, he played his most famous songs ranging from, “Hotel Room Service” to “Fireball.” The dancers and special effects were fantastic, as well as the flashing lights which got everyone in the audience jumping up and down. 

Since this was the last show of the tour, Pitbull gave thanks to one of the band members who had been with him for 12 years, and it was also his last show with him. He also brought out one of his friends that’s been with him since the beginning, and this really warmed everyone’s hearts to see. 

His stage presence is phenomenal and from the lights to the fire during “Fireball,” the energy of all his adoring fans was immaculate. What was also fantastic to see was the diversity of everyone there, which showed people of all ages love his music.  

“Time of Our Lives” was the second to last song followed by “Give Me Everything.” These two songs really hit it off and ended the concert in a good mood with the crowd singing along and dancing to the lyrics.  

Overall, the environment of the concert was amazing with people being able to connect with their love of Mr. Worldwide, and just have the best night of their lives, giving the concert a 10/10. 

Olivia Montgomery // Staff Writer 

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