The fabrication of QC threads’ t-shirts

QC Threads, a t-shirt business started by Steinbrenner senior Evan Munzen, has been making recent strides. The creative company has been profiting off their shirts for […]

An inspiration to the JROTC community: Zoe Spanos is Steinbrenner’s Cadet of the Year

Zoe Spanos was named Steinbrenner’s Cadet of the Year and was a top 10 finalist in Hillsborough County. Her achievements and skill have stood out among the rest of the […]

Tips for getting a stellar letter of recommendation

Whether an underclassman or a senior, getting letters of recommendation benefits students when it comes to scholarships as well as college and job applications. Letters of recommendation […]

Testing has become unessential in 2021

Since March 13, 2020, people’s lives have been taken over by COVID-19 in all aspects. For high schoolers, their future has seemed mostly uncertain, specifically their college opportunities. As a result of […]

Remembering the “Echo’s” of years past

Electives have always given students the creative outlets they need in order to express themselves. Though all electives attempt to do the same thing, no class allows for more creativity than Steinbrenner’s creative writing course, the Echo. Backing […]

Marie Puskas Wins Teacher of the Year Award at Steinbrenner High School

This school year, one very hardworking and beloved math teacher from Steinbrenner High School, Marie Puskas, won the much-deserved Teacher of the Year Award from the votes and praise she got from her […]

Beta Club treats Oak Park Elementary students with a sweet surprise

Steinbrenner’s Beta Club hosted an annual candy drive which benefitted Oak Park Elementary school’s teachers and students. All students were welcome to contribute to this cause and members were rewarded with Beta points, the incentive system […]

PTSA starts new fundraiser for programs suffering due to COVID-19

The Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA), a parent run volunteer program which provides financial support for extracurriculars and the school budget at Steinbrenner, is running a new […]

Guidance counselor from Steinbrenner High School Wins A+ Teacher Award

Just last month Jaclyn Capello, a guidance counselor for Steinbrenner High School, received the A+ Teacher recognition for her outstanding work helping students reach their goals and go above and beyond.   Capello […]

Steinbrenner’s Club Rush adjusts to the COVID-19 pandemic

Since last year, life has changed considerably. COVID-19 has affected all aspects of people’s lives and school is no exception. Students walk down one-way hallways every day and wearing masks has become the […]