QC Threads, a t-shirt business started by Steinbrenner senior Evan Munzen, has been making recent strides. The creative company has been profiting off their shirts for over two months now, and sells to anyone interested. There was a simple reason to start, yet it has grown to something bigger. 

“I started like two months ago with my friend because I wanted to make some extra cash,” Munzen said. 

The process is simpler than one would think. Starting this operation seems to involve the most work. 

“I buy the t-shirt and design the logo on a program similar to photoshop,” Munzen said. “Then, I discuss the placement of the design on the shirt, and then I print it and iron it on.” 

While it can be an extensive process, the efficiency used by Munzen allows him to speed up the process. 

“I can make one shirt in a day or two,” Munzen said. 

One of the shirts created by QC Threads, which exhibits the various styles of shirts offered. The shirt was commissioned to be designed by Munzen. Photo courtesy of Evan Munzen. 

The shirts generate a fine profit for Munzen. All t-shirts created are affordable for customers, though. 

“I profit like $10 off each shirt. They are around $5 for me to buy. I sell t-shirts for $15 and crew necks are $25,” Munzen said. 

There is a large quantity of items and styles for customers to choose from. Normal t-shirts and crew necks are available, but there are an endless amount of combinations for the design of the shirt. 

“Pretty much all colors are offered, and I can design any logos,” Munzen said. 

This allows the customers to be creative while also getting a quality shirt. QC Threads grants buyers the opportunity to produce an original, personable shirt at an affordable price. Munzen’s small business shows how simple ideas can produce the best results. 

Kyle Messina // Staff Writer 

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