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It’s important to be informed on who you’re voting for. Take a look at 2020’s presidential candidates before you vote in the Florida Democratic primary on March 17, 2020.

Donald J. Trump 

As the current residing U.S. president, Trump, 73, is essentially unopposed in his campaign, having won a vast majority of votes during the republican primaries thus far. His campaign runs around maintaining the polices during his term, banking on “kept promises.” His promises include, decreasing regulation on large corporations, removing various ObamaCare policies and securing the U.S.-Mexico border, with large emphasis on constructing a wall. 

Bernie Sanders

A Vermont senator and self-titled socialist, Sanders is the youth pick for President. He’s mainly known for advocating for Medicare for all, converting to 100% renewable energy, providing debt-free public colleges and putting an increased tax rate on only those who have a net worth above 32 million dollars and so on. Some are concerned about his age, as he is 78 years old and suffered a heart attack October 2019, although doctors have confirmed he would recover fine.

Joseph R. Biden Jr.

Vice president to Barack Obama and senator from Delaware, 77-year-old Biden is the front runner for the Democrats according to the Iowa caucus* confirmed otherwise. Biden supports, among other things, a public healthcare option like Medicare, reform in the immigration system, a focus on rehabilitation in the criminal justice system and reversing Trump’s tax cuts on ultra-rich corporations.

Tulsi Gabbard

A congresswoman in Hawaii, Gabba, 38, set aside her reelection campaign in Congress for her presidential campaign instead. Her policies include investing more in the public education system, improving the veteran security system and regulating big banks on a large scale. She, however, has not been present for any of the democratic debates, having not met any of the requirements to get there and hasn’t had a large platform to discuss her polices.  

*The Iowa Caucuses are the first major contests for the primaries and are held for both Republicans and Democrats to vote on the candidates that will run for their party 

Tatiana Gonzalez // Staff Writer

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