In January, Steinbrenner’s National Honors Society continued their annual tradition and offered a two-week donation period for human’s four-legged friends. Kathleen Syron, Leah Wilson and Cookie Lopez, the sponsors of the club, opened Rooms 204 and Room 206, and encouraged juniors and seniors to donate and drop off necessities for the dogs and cats sheltered at a local Humane Society. 

Many of these fluffy companions were still puppies and kittens who were desperate for a surplus in nursing bottles and puppy pads for the potty-training newbies.  

Steinbrenner warriors were determined to help their canine and feline friends in shelters, and delivered not only plenty of bottles, but also supplies for the adults. Both dogs and cats were donated large amounts of canned foods and kibble, along with feeding bowls, and were given a large variety of entertaining accessories from cat charmers to chew toys. 

Many fleece blankets and comfortable pet beds were also donated so that the animals could stay snuggled and warm during the winter season. 

On Feb. 10, when the donation event ended, the National Honor Society counted dozens upon dozens of donations, “purrfect” for the pets in need at the Humane Society. 

Alexandra Gerges // Staff Writer 

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