In drawing attention to World Suicide Prevention Day, which falls on Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2019 this year, a club at Steinbrenner has initiated plans to inform students of the day’s passing and encourage them to recognize life’s joys. 

For the first time, the Gender and Sexuality Alliance club, also known as GSA, has created a poster for students, encouraging them to share what incites happiness in their own life. Students who participated in making the poster each took sticky notes and wrote optimistic reminders of their own lives’ and what brings them happiness. 

Catriona Johnson, the club’s president, helped initiate the making of the poster as members of GSA came early in the morning on Tuesday to help construct it and hand out flyers.  

“We wanted to incorporate that into the school and make everyone aware that it was World Suicide Prevention Day and, like, how important that is,”  said Johnson. 

Along with the posters, GSA distributed papers and bracelets provided by the To Write Love On Her Arms organization. These papers and bracelets started with the phrase “You Make Today Better” inspiring students to write down what they do to make today better and share their message with others.

In the future, the GSA hopes to continue providing support to members at the Steinbrenner community and help bring awareness to such issues as suicide prevention on campus.

Tatiana Gonzalez // Staff Writer

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