So much strength, coordination, and hard work goes into each colorguard performance. Sophomore Christina Martin brings her talent to every competition and has shown to be an amazing addition to the team. Despite only having been a part of the team for two years, her skill shows otherwise.

“The art of it really made me want to join. The hard work and dedication that I saw in the team is also what really pulled me to join,” said Martin.

The amount of toil that goes into such a graceful and artistic sport is immense. It takes a lot of practice to be able to perfect each routine and improve as a dancer overall.

“I practice as much as I can; rehearsals are three hours long and twice a week and there are some six-hour practices on the weekends when we don’t have competitions. Practice on your own is crucial to getting better at any particular equipment or dance in guard,” said Martin.

One of the biggest parts of being in guard are the performances. Whether it’s a competition or an at-school performance, they all take hours of preparation. The vast amount of practice proves to be worth it when the dancers run on stage.
“Performing is what I love most about guard. It doesn’t matter if it’s the Friday night lights at a football game or the bright lights on stage. The energy we feel before and after a performance is such an amazing feeling,” said Martin.

Being a part of the Colorguard team requires a teamwork between dancers along with the coach. Earlier this year the team felt a great loss due to the sudden passing of their coach, Matthew Caudill. Despite the loss, Martin sees it as a reason to work harder.

“The most rewarding part of guard was being able to see the look on Mr. Caudill’s face after a performance, to hear what his feedback was and what was next. After he passed, all we could do was imagine what he would say and imagine the smile on his face after a performance. Now, we all strive to make him proud,” said Martin.

The combination of drive and discipline Martin exhibits makes her an important part of the squad. She plans on continuing to grow as a dancer and contribute to the future success of the Steinbrenner colorguard team.


Elena Melikian // Staff Writer


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