When playing a sport, you want to be in the best possible position to play at the highest level, in order to achieve greatness. Sometimes, this means joining a travel team, playing in two different leagues or even moving to a new area to go to the next level of a sport. In junior Joey Trapp’s case, in order to have a chance at making it into a college or even a minor league hockey team, he will move to the Northeast to play with the best of the best.
“The decision to move up north to play hockey was to help me further my career and achieve my own goals,” said Trapp, “There are more opportunities to play hockey up north than there are in Florida, which will help me receive more recognition than down here.”

Trapp played the entire season for the Steinbrenner club team and still currently plays for the Scorpians. He is currently looking at two different teams up north to join.

Trapp currently plays wing on the club team here at Steinbrenner, and plays for the Scorpians (U16 hockey team in Tampa). His decision to move up north is due to lack of recognition here in Florida while the Northeast is known for being where the best of the best go to play, besides the opportunity to play in a minor league team (which could range from the US to Europe to play in) or a national travel team (USA 18U tier 1). Trapp has narrowed down his potential locations to Connecticut or Massachusetts.
“I realize there are junior teams here, but they don’t get as many eyes from scouts or other teams. If not, I will probably go to a boarding school to play hockey.”

Trapp also mentioned the importance of his family as major supporters and the ones who pushed him to make the decision to move up north.

“My parents and my sister really support me in my decision and know that moving up north is the only way to get somewhere with the sport, so they are trying to give me every oppertunity that I have to continue playing hockey at a higher level,” said Trapp. He explained how when the time comes, his parents will not be able to move with him, so he would either have to live with a teammate, or if he went to a boarding school, live in a dorm. Although his family has supported him up until now, he knows that in the end, it’s going to come down to his own decision and the effort he will need to put in in order to play hockey at a higher caliber.

“Although my family can’t move up north with me, my dad will try to come out as much as possible because of how much support he has given me over the years, along with my family; but I think my dad would come out more than my whole family,” said Trapp.

Trapp is currently looking at teams to tryout for, and is also trying to find as many options as he can before he makes his final decision.

“I am currently looking at the Boston junior Bruins, who are recruiting in Tampa this month; the Yorkskin Jacks are another one in Pennsylvania. Besides that, more opportunities will not be open until after naitonals, so I will have to wait and see if more options open up for me,” said Trapp.

Although this is a major decision, Trapp’s main focus right now is to play in Nationals come March. After that, his focus will shift toward finding a team to play for as well as training for the league in time for the fall


By: Dillon Schmidt / Staff Writer

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