Danielle Darius 

Danielle Dariu


Junior Danielle Darius made the choice to graduate a year early and take her soccer skills to the next level at Emory University in the fall.

“I love practicing and playing everyday, it’s become a routine in my life,” said Darius. Soccer has been a part of Darius’ life since she was six years old, and she has continued the sport throughout her freshman and sophomore year for Steinbrenner, but is currently playing for her club team, the West Florida Flames which takes the field down in Brandon.

Earlier this year Darius found out that she had finished all of her credits, and instead of returning for her senior year and taking dual enrollment classes, she chose to start applying to colleges. She toured the Emory campus four times for her unofficial and official visits this past year. One of the reasons Darius chose Emory is because of her interest in their pre-med programs.

“I roomed with one of the current freshmen, and all of the recruits were there, so we got to experience it all together. Now I know who I will be playing with next year on the team,” said Darius. Along with meeting some players from the team, she was able to meet the schools coaches.

Darius plans on becoming a starter and then later a leader for the team.

By: Emma Stevens / Print Sports Editor


Maxx Black

Maxx Black


Senior Maxx Black’s drive for baseball extends beyond the diamond, with plans devised for a successful academic career after high school.

“I’ve signed to Clearwater Christian College,” said Black. “I’d like to become a Florida Wildlife Commission (FWC) officer.”
The school is close to home and has a great education system. But even then, the importance of the sport runs through.

“The players on their baseball team are a great group of guys,” said Black. While meeting the college players, he felt at home and among people with the same interests and drive as him.

He’s been playing for as long as he can remember. His grandfather, a retired minor league player of the Tampa Yankees, shared his love for bats and gloves with Black, defining his desire for excellence on and off the field.

Black plays for the Carollwood Gators travel team, and was given the opportunity to sign through this team. When he gets to Clearwater Christian, he already has goals set for what he’d like to do on the field.

“I want to be able to go in and make an impact right away. I’d like to be able to help my teammates out in any way possible,” said Black. He hopes for the best, and cannot wait to continue his baseball career.

By: Anthony Campbell / Staff Writer


Taylor Wojciechowski

Insert difficult name here


After playing volleyball for 12 years senior Taylor Wojciechowski decided on Ave Maria at the Steinbrenner signing. The proximity of the campus and the friends she knew who already attended made Ave Maria an easy choice. While she was touring the school, she received a warm welcome from the coach and the volleyball team.

“I started volleyball when I was in 5th grade, and I loved it. It was the best sport I’d ever played,” said Wojciechowski. She has tried many sports from dance, to soccer, to basketball, even ice skating but, through volleyball she found a college and her next steps after high school.

Although the school is private, this didn’t discourage Wojciechowski who was looking for a place with smaller classes. Private colleges specialize in this particular field. She also wants to get a business/marketing degree which she found there among her other offers. Another big factor that played into her decision was being able to start her freshman year, and Ave Maria was able to provide that.

But the deciding factor was the campus and great group of girls she met on the volleyball team. Few people are able to see themselves going to a school when they step foot on its grounds, but for Wojciechowski, the feeling came immediately on her first tour.

By: Logan Conrad / Chief Copy Editor


Kezio Snelling

Kezio Snelling


After a harsh ending to his senior year, Kezio Snelling will not let it set back his atheltic potential. Instead, he will be taking his athletics to the next level at Eastern Michigan University to play football.

“Football has been a part of my life all throughout high school,” said Snelling “it is a privilege to play football in college and I just want to be the best student and athlete I can possibly be.”

Snelling has been playing football since he was eight years old and has not lost his love for the game since. Snelling made JV freshman year for the fall to play wide receiver, but was bumped up to varsity in spring football and has never looked backed. Snelling evolved from an elite receiver, to a threat on offense and special teams, known for the speed he brought to Steinbrenner.

“My motivation came from getting away from my problems with football. Before I came to high school my life wasn’t the best and I use that because it shows that life could be better if you work hard and have the right mindset, and football provided that outlet for me,” said Snelling.

Snelling plans to balance academics and play football while still giving equal effort to both aspects. He plans on studying communications in either theater or nursing when attending Eastern Michigan in the fall.

By: Dillon Schmidt / Staff Writer




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