IMG_6136This Saturday, Steinbrenner will be hosting the first annual Live Greco Invitational Wrestling Tournament, which will pit wrestlers from x different schools against each other. In addition to Steinbrenner’s own team, Palm Harbor, Gaither, and many other local schools will be competing.

The tournament will host matches between each of the fourteen different weight classes, organized into sixteen-man brackets. The winners of each bracket will receive a championship belt in addition to the honor and glory of being the best wrestler in his weight-class, with medals being awarded to the second, third, and fourth place winners. An additional prize exists for the recipients of the “Outstanding Wrestler Awards”, which will go to the two most impressive wrestlers in the lighter (106-152) and upper weight classes (160-285).

The Live Greco Invitational is being held in collaboration with Team Greco, a local wrestling club that was formed by Troy Bouzakis after his two year old son, Greco Roman Bouzakis, was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. With doctors giving Greco less than a year to live, Team Greco was formed to honor his memory and raise money for his treatment.

After undergoing 29 separate radiation treatments in the following months, Greco has since far exceeded the original 2-11 months that doctors had given him to live, and his tumor’s growth has stagnated. Despite this, his condition remains uncertain, and the tournament was formed as a way to honor his memory even after he passes, if and when that should occur.

“What made us host the tournament is the pending thought that even though he might pass, this is a way to honor him forever. This won’t be just a one-time deal; this will go on for at least as long as I am here. We’d like to make it the best tournament in the southeast, and the premiere tournament for any team to go to in January.”

The tournament has attracted a great deal of local support, receiving donations from local businesses like Iavarone’s Steakhouse, PDQ, and many others, and Steinbrenner’s student culinary department will be working to provide food for the concession stands.

Wrestling is expected to start at 9 A.M. , with the finals projected to occur somewhere around four in the afternoon, and you can expect to see the Bouzakis clan and many members of Team Greco cheering in the stands.

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