Two years ago Longing for Hope, the longboarding club here at Steinbrener, was established by former warrior, Elliot Smith. Longboarding is similar to skateboarding except the wheels are wider and the body of the board is thicker in width, as well as the fact that it’s made to travel long distances.With current members raising money for charity, President and junior Emme Donnelly emphasized the good cause that the club provides for the community.

Steinbrenner's longboarding club poses for a group shot at Glen Oaks Park in Clearwater. The club goes by the name "Longing For Hope".
Steinbrenner’s longboarding club poses for a group shot at Glen Oaks Park in Clearwater. The club goes by the name “Longing For Hope”.

“We basically long [longboard] for the homeless and raise money. Twice a year we hold this big event where people pay money to race and you can win prizes and it’s all for charity down in Ybor City,” said Donnelly.
One of the organizations sponsoring this event is Amazing Love, a healing ministry for those less fortunate that gives food for those who don’t have any. It’s gone from feeding just 20 people at last year’s event to feeding 150-200 people since it started in 2005. When asked about the goal of money they wanted to raise as a club, Donnelly’s responded saying that it was a pretty casual thing. They do it for fun and the love of longboarding—the amount of dollars does not matter. The club’s dynamic is simple; members are able to longboard with friends in or even outside of the club in the main locations where they volunteer and hold small events like races, or games, and help out with the food lines that Amazing Love provides for the homeless.
“We usually go to Glen Oaks Park in Clearwater, FL. It’s sometimes the club or whoever can make it. We even get people from Miami, Tampa, and nearby locations that come out to help or donate,” said Donnelly.
The person who dedicates his passion for the sport and currently holds the position as club sponsor for the group happens to be Steinbrenner’s very own social studies teacher Tyler Orr.
“We’re a service club and we use long boarding as a way to raise money in the community to provide that to a food bank. We use our passion for skateboarding and long boarding as a way of helping those less fortunate,” said Orr.
As this semester comes to a close, students are reminded and encouraged to look forward to Longing For Hope’s next event yet to be scheduled at a future date.


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