TAMPA-The Steinbrenner Lady Warriors dominated the game and the ball at Alonso taking the game 5-1 in a district soccer match.

The Alonso Ravens picked up the game at the end where their only goal was made, but for the rest of the game Alonso (2-11, 0-5) didn’t even make it to the Steinbrenner (4-7-3, 3-3)  defensive side. Two goals made in the first twenty minutes by sophomore midfielder Erika Pieterson made a strong start for Steinbrenner and a hard one to follow for Alonso. Erika followed this with another goal before passing off the scoring mantle to senior Madison Whitmill who made the lead even harder to approach, scoring another goal for Steinbrenner. Finally after the half, before the last water break, Steinbrenner made their fifth goal.

“Opportunities to score more goals and opening up. Making runs is all part of the game.” Said Pieterson when asked about what makes her successful.

While the game should be recognized for Steinbrenner’s successful shots, the referees were a lot more vocal and involved as the game was interrupted every five minutes  giving out a free kick. Although players can’t really control how a referee behaves, the sheer amount of interruptions during the game made the crowd wonder if they were watching the same event.

The opening of the field in the middle allowed Steinbrenner to show off its ball control and passing which was another key factor in their success. This teamwork was recognized by Coach Sue Peet.

“We say it all the time in practice you see it you shoot it. Everybody has a share in their responsibility to score goals. If one person is doing all the goal scoring then they all know who to focus on so they all have a responsibility,” said Peet.

To see more of the Lady Warrriors, come out to Steinbrenner at 6 on January 6 to support them as they face off against Strawberry Crest, and then stick around for the boys at 8.

Written by Logan Conrad/ Chief Copy Editor

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