We were left a month ago with FNAF 2’s release date, set for early 2015. On November 11th, we were all suprised with an early release of the nightmare-inducing game. Popular Youtubers such as Pewdiepie and Markiplier were given an extended demo release on the 10th, only to have it formerly release the next day on Steam for $7.99. Everyone jumped on board the FNAF 2 train, eager to play the sequel and discover what rumors were true and what new features are included.

As expected, the original four animatronics have seperate 2.0 versions called “Toy versions”. We thought that this would make only 8 enemies, to which we were sadly mistaken.

Chica makes a come back in FNAF 2, but doesn't look all that appealing.
Chica makes a comeback in FNAF 2, but doesn’t look all that appealing.

We were given a heap of discarded parts, called “The Mangle”, and plenty of other new animatronics.

Two new mechanics were featured in the game, one of which is the ability to wear and old Freddy Fazzbear head, and the other being that the animatronics can travel through the ventiliation system. For the Fazzbear head, it is used to trick Toy Bonnie and all of the older versions to get out of the office. However, if you put it on too late, you’re doomed. This was mentioned in Night 4’s call. “Uh, just as a side note though, try to avoid eye contact with any of the animatronics tonight if you can.”

Another one of the new additions is the “Marrionette Doll” hiding in Cam 11.By winding up the Music Box, the Marrionette Doll stays away from you, and if you don’t keep it wound, instant death. The Phone Guy mentions this on Night 2. “One more thing – don’t forget the music box. I’ll be honest, I never liked that puppet thing.” 

Ballon Boy standing in your office while jamming your flashlight.
Balloon Boy standing in your office while jamming your flashlight.

Another new animatronic is the Balloon Boy. It’s an absolute must to keep him away, because once he makes it into your room, he jams your flash light. Sadly, all attempts to get rid of him is futile, as Foxy will come in almost right afterwards for another instant death. Golden Freddy has also become a regular animatronic enemy, seen in the hallway, and can jump at you if not flashed enough with the flashlight.

Something every one has been talking about is Shadow Bonnie and Shadow Freddy. Similar to Golden Freddy’s role in the first game, a Shadow Bonnie can randomly appear in the office. For Golden Freddy, you would just look at your camera to avoid your game to crash, but so far no one has figured out how to prevent Shadow Bonnie from crashing your game. This is similar to Shadow Freddy that’s seen in the Parts/Services room once it’s empty. It shares the same composition of Golden Freddy from FNAF 1, slumped over in the corner. It’s purple with bright, white eyes. Like Shadow Bonnie, it crashes your game.

Shadow Bonnie seen before the game crashes.
Shadow Bonnie seen before the game crashes.

However, the most talked about feature has been that Five Nights a Freddy’s 2 is actually a prequel. This is mainly shown on the last night, when a newspaper article is shown. It explains that they hope to reopen in a smaller establishment, which is hinting at the smaller Freddy Fazzbear Pizzeria in FNAF 1.

Some interesting twists were put into the new game, some of which were mysterious “easter eggs”. On certain nights and times you die, you might be greeted with a glitched red and black screen after your death. This throws you into an odd 8-bit mini game with you controlling one of the animatronics, which usually leads to a jump scare once completing it. There are other nights where you start up the Night, but instead of being in the office, you’re looking out of Freddy’s eyes among Bonnie and Chica. You have the ability to look to your left and right, but I don’t advise doing so. On one of the last nights, the Marrionette Doll is looking into your eyes, and follows your gaze as you try to look around.

The Marionette Doll looking into your Freddy mask.
The Marionette Doll looking into your Freddy mask.

Yet another goose-bump causing game is let out into the world of video games, but where do the FNAF games plan to go now? Rumors are already spreading of a third game, to which I will kindly ignore to stop the animatronics from haunting my dreams.

Rating: 7.5/10 The jump scares are worthy of a full 10/10 rating, however some mechanics of the games are lacking. The descriptive plot and additions to the game make it a 7.5.

Hannah Makholm/Graphics Dept.

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