The revamped portable Smash Bros sequel brings together new characters and unique modes that create vibrant new experiences making it worthy of the title Super Smash Bros 4.

Although new characters may only make a slight impact on gamers after the second or third title, Nintendo found a way to make recognized characters accessible and new. For example fans of the game may remember Super Smash Bros Brawl showing off tag team characters such as Zelda/Sheik or Samus/ Zero Suit Samus, but in order to radically alter the feel of these characters they have been

Bowser passes by an unsuspecting Greninja.
Bowser Jr. passes by an unsuspecting Greninja.

separated and given their own move sets instead of waiting in the background.  Characters have also been given many new costumes. Each fighter now has 8 costumes, and in Little Mac’s case, 16.  These vibrantly abundant costumes add a unique aesthetic to gameplay. In terms of characters, Nintendo still has those with virtually identical move sets and uncanny similarities. In this installment of Smash Bros only two are noticeable at first glance, Dark Pitt and Dr. Mario. Although smash fans appreciate these alternate designs it might make more sense to just make them alternate costumes. To solve this, players can now customize their characters with items that specialize in power, defense, or speed. These items are won by playing Classic, All-Star mode, and even Smash Run. Although Mii’s present the most customizable experience as costumes can be unlocked for them, the regular characters can change their b moves to any one of 3 options for each direction (up b, side b, down b, and b). This customization brings a new strategy to Smash Bros.

Shulk lands a hit on his opponent, Marth!
Shulk lands a hit on his opponent, Marth!
Fox uses one of his attacks to launch himself into the air.
Fox uses one of his attacks to launch himself into the air.

The modes in this game are definitely worth mentioning as they make Smash Bros more than just a button masher. Smash Run, a new minigame that is only available on the 3DS version, combines strategy and speed as characters face numerous enemies. It’s a lot like subspace emissary in brawl, including the ability to pick up power-ups along the way to increase base stats to finally face their opponents in any number of games from a brawl to a race. There is also an option on the main screen to open up Stadium games. Multi-Man Smash is one of these, based around you fighting against 10, 100, or even endless opponents. There is also Traget Blast, where you launch a bomb towards targets. It’s explosion depends on how hard you hit it, and the more targets you destroy, the higher your score. Homerun Contest is the last of these minigames which is similar to Target Blast. You are equipped with a baseball bat and you must hit the Sandbag as hard as you can to launch it the farthest.

You are also given a choice to choose either Solo Mode or Group Mode under the Games option. Solo Mode lets you choose Classic Mode or All-Star Mode. Classic Mode has also been changed dramatically with multiple levels ranging from 1-9, 1 being virtually effortless while levels 5 and up present a worthy challenge to players. All-Star mode hasn’t changed from the former games.

The online play is probably where players will spend most of their time especially in the first few months of the game’s release as all characters can be unlocked through a measly 120 matches. As well as level 9 enemies failing to bring a challenge to dedicated players. To separate the hardcore players from the casual ones Nintendo now has two online play modes, for fun and for glory. For fun presents a challenge that is not rated and easy to get into while for glory matches are rated and should be taken at player’s risk.

Rating: 9/10 , although the game is the first portable Smash and provides a long lasting expierance the characters are too easy to get and customization puts certain characters ahead of others.

Super Smash Bros 4 is a lasting challenge that presents well beloved characters and a plethora of ways to play so that gamers only stop when the little light turns red.  It’s also a good waiting game for those looking to appease their excitement for the Pokémon and Wii U Smash Bros releases in late November.


Logan Conrad/Copyeditor

Hannah Makholm/Graphics Dept.

Luke Hellman/Web Editor

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