The Steinbrenner boys and girls swim teams faced off against Gaither High School for the first meet of the season on Thursday, with both the girls and boys coming up on top, the girls winning, 113 to 61, and the boys cutting it close but still pulling ahead, 88 to 82.

“We were going against great competition, but we brought it to them, and we did what we did best and we won,” said junior captain, Josh Price who swam in the 50 and 100 meter  free style event along with the 200 and 400 meter relay. Price and senior captain, Parker Sampson who also swam in four events, can see that the boys team has a lot of potential this year and a lot of room for improvement from all the swimmers.Both boys captains are expecting wins from their teams this season and are hoping to break multiple records.

“We did an awesome job of coming together and using our swimmers to achieve a good first swim meet goal,” said senior captain, Kaylee Baer. Alongside Baer was the other senior captain, Arielle Segovia, who was proud of the girls for being supportive of on another, and stepping up when they needed to. Segovia swam in 500 meter free style coming in third place and Baer swam the 200 meter relay coming in fourth.

“My goal right now is for every time we get in the water we are trying to get as many qualifiers to the FSPA meet in Stewart, FL. at the end of September. So the meet this weekend and the meet next week need to have a lot of qualifying times,” says boys and girls coach Kathryn (Casey) Newbill, who will now be coaching the team for  her second year in a row.

Steinbrenner will be competing saturday at the Bobby Hicks pool for City Relays.

Junior, Ashley Kubel is at the half way mark in her 200 IM relay. This is one of three events Kubel swam in.
Junior, Ashley Kubel is at the half way mark in her 200 meter individual medley (I.M). This is one of three events Kubel swam in.

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