Though I’ve never been a huge fan of this lady rapper or her resemblance in style to Nikki Minaj (though I do agree “Fancy” is a single worthy of its received attention), The New Classic definitely demands attention. T.I., Charli XCX, and a few other unfamiliar big names join Iggy Azalea on this journey back to something similar to 2008’s top hits, perhaps why she decided to call this one a “classic”.

There isn’t, however, much that can differentiate this album from your typical white-girl-down-the-street-rapping-about-what-she-been-through; essentially, its 12 tracks are distinguishable among themselves, but not among the bigger artists of today. Put simply, it’s no long-lasting timeless rap/pop masterpiece. While Iggy’s known for her more-than-decent rapping and The New Classic features its fair share of strong beats that tie it to modern day hip hop, it’s not an album you put on repeat, and certainly not one you’ll listen to ten years from now.

“Work”, “Change Your Life”, and “Impossible Is Nothing” are all relatively promising and uplifting additions, alongside their hard-hitting dubstep interludes. “Goddess”, however obviously meant to evoke the feeling you might get from listening to Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” or Kanye West’s “I Am A God”, isn’t as imperious as it hopes to be; the album sets itself too high and Iggy is quickly knocked off her high horse.

However: Rita Ora makes a nice addition to “Black Widow”, a clever, subtle, dance track that still maintains a great pace and melody. It’s undoubtedly among the album’s best; The New Classic‘s climax. I use the word “climax” because things seem to fall after that: “Lady Patra” is a bizarre Jamaican dance hall track with Iggy’s voice choppily overlapping the song’s disorganized rhythm, and “F**k Love”, though it sounds more like a slower ballad than the powerhouse quake that it is, is comparably empty.

Iggy is weird because we can’t tell where she’s from, or what she’s really all about. Though this album is supposed to give us some kind of notion, I, for one, am still relatively lost. The New Classic is pretty much all over the place; a great party track here, and some dance hall over there. Yes, I’d definitely like to know what goes on inside her head. Score: 6.0.

Stronger tracks: “Black Widow”, “Fancy”, “Work”

Weaker tracks: “Goddess”, “Don’t Need Y’all”, “Lady Patra”

Nataly Capote/A&E Editor

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