Non-Stop is right for 61 year-old Liam Neeson who stars in the box office-topping thriller which opened in theaters February 28.

The best thing about the movie is it’s twists and turns. The whole film you’re guessing who could be hijacking the plane. Maybe the NYPD officer who speaks his mind in front of all the passengers, or the computer programmer who helps Marks find the phone sending the messages. The audience is introduced to many characters who could be the hijacker and giving you hints as to why or why not they are the person killing people and requesting money.

Although the movie has some exciting events, it can be very confusing  as to which character is which and why they are important. I found some characters to be completely useless and only made it hard to distinguish which characters were really had an impact on the story.

Liam Neeson fights off hijackers on a plane from New York to London.
Liam Neeson fights off hijackers on a plane from New York to London.

I do have to give the movie some credit; my heart did pound throughout most of the film.  I got nervous as Marks fought his fellow air marshal (Anson Mount) in the airplane bathroom. But then something would happen and I would stop and think, “Really?” I can’t ever imagine something like this happening in real life.”  I know many movies are far fetched, but if you’re going to make a movie like this, people want to see a little believability. By the end of the movie, I want to think something like this could happen.  I want to see how the process of taking over the plane happened and how the hijacker managed to pull killing the pilot or other passengers. Neeson especially has never been my favorite actor.  His awkward persona and always panicky, deep voice get annoying after a while. The movie gets so dramatic, especially when Marks starts talking about his dead daughter, that it reminded me of a soap opera.  If you listen carefully you can hear the world’s smallest violin playing the saddest song for this drunken air marshal. The focus on his deceased daughter and Marks’ feelings take away from the action of the movie, which is what many people wanted to see.

Non-Stop reminds me of Snakes On A Plane, laughably fake but still gets your heart pounding.  This movie will leave you slightly disappointed but still entertained by the action. Score: 5/10

Sophie Bocksnick//Staff Writer

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