Junior Goldi Shaw is expected to compete in the upcoming ISEF. Her area of study was zoology.

Every year, seven million students from around the world create science and research projects for a chance to go to the International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF). Only 1,600 winners of local, regional, state, and national competitions are invited to showcase their findings at the fair which celebrates math, science, engineering, and technology.Two students from Steinbrenner, sophomore Michael Addelman and junior Goldi Shaw, are competing this year in the STEM fair at Tampa Conventional Center for a chance to participate in the ISEF and win awards and scholarships. If they succeed at the STEM Fair, they will travel to ISEF and participate there. Addelman is working on the engineering aspect of research where he’s finding out the coefficient of restitution of golf balls, and how water affects the results. Shaw is focusing on zoology, looking at an alternative way to diagnose lymphoma in dogs.

Sophomore Michael Addelman competed in the STEM competition. His area of study was engineering.

As part of the rules, each student must have an adult sponsor. Sponsoring Addelman and Shaw are chemistry teachers Michelle Yarish and Yung Romano.

“They’ve been working on their project independently. It hasn’t been a part of their coursework, so they’ve done this above and beyond their regular coursework,” said Yarish.

Each category has different awards for the selected winners. Some of the awards include The Dudley R. Herschbach SIYSS Award, The Intel Foundation Young Scientists Award, and reserved for the individual successful in wining the entire fair, the Gordon E. Moore award is given accompanied by a scholarship of $75,000.

The regional Hillsborough STEM fair is scheduled to take place during Feb. 10-12, with ISEF being held in Los Angeles, CA between May 6-11.

Enya Stewart/Chief Copy Editor

 Update: Junior Goldi Shaw has received news that she will be advancing to the ISEF scheduled to take place in Los Angeles, CA between May 6-11.

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