It seems we’ve reached that point in American Horror Story where there’s so much going on we don’t even know where to look. “Hell on Earth” featured exactly that; though with more graphic outcomes for several characters.

It’s all about finding the next supreme, but I’m not even sure I care anymore. Just about every witch at Robichaux is convinced they’re the next Head Witch, and this episode has us just as frustrated as Fiona; it’s lost all suspense, we just want to know who it is. We’re practically dying along with her. To find out, they’ve introduced the “seven wonders”; trials that the witches must undertake to prove their supremacy.

“Nothing stays a secret for very long in this house,” our newly blinded Cordelia tells us, though out of context this line could refer to anything that happens this episode. This time it’s Madison Montgomery’s hands that are dirty, as she’s just finished shoving Misty Day back into the ground. But of course, she rejoins the action by the end of this episode to wring revenge from her murderer (I will admit, it was a pretty entertaining witch fight).

The witch coven and Kyle gather as a blood-soaked Axeman enters Robichaux. They later stab him to death, as was his original fate hundreds of years ago.
The witch coven and Kyle gather as a blood-soaked Axeman enters Robichaux. They later stab him to death, as was his original fate hundreds of years ago.

Misty, along with every witch at Robichaux, seems to be getting stronger, and acquiring even more supernatural magic tricks. Producers have made it so every character is equally likely to be the next supreme; for all we know, it could be Kyle.

Speaking of Kyle–after some fun/murder in Orlando, him and Zoe return to take part in the fight that’s about to go down. And unless a major plot twist involves this zombie boyfriend, he’s now become completely irrelevant to the development of the story. He, along with Fiona’s Axeman lover, have proved to be a waste of space; which is a shame, considering how great Evan Peters has been the past two seasons.

However, AHS does amp up the gore this episode (perhaps a little too much for some viewers, but they’re just reminding us why this show is rated M). We watch Laveau be torn apart limb from limb, the Axeman be stabbed lifeless (even though he’s a ghost, but, you know, whatever), and enough blood-squirting and homicide to make modern horror movies look like a walk in the park.

Not to mention, Fiona is proclaimed dead. She was killed by her ghostly lover after she admits to using him for her own selfish purposes, but who knows if it’s even definite? It’s quite disappointing how simply such a major character fell from her throne and disappeared, as if she hasn’t been the biggest influence Coven has seen. Be warned that we might see her around next episode, because it’s no finale unless Jessica Lange is involved.

At this point, next week’s finale doesn’t look so hot. Probably the most interesting take on it will be the trial of the seven wonders, which seem like a freakier and more psychological type of horror. The battle within this coven might get interesting as long as permanent death is involved. At the moment, these witches seem invincible. Score: 6.5/10.

Nataly Capote/A&E Editor

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