Finally AHS reaches back to its roots and presents the audience with an amazing hour of television. So far this season, I have not seen any episode so far fully capture all qualities the show is known for. Creepy characters were introduced, amazing cinematography was witnessed, and the gripping drama that glues viewers’ eyes to the screen was ever prevalent resulting in an hour of television viewers won’t soon forget.

Misty Day meets her idol, Stevie Knicks, right before her ultimate downfall on this episode of AHS.

One major mystery throughout the whole season was why after 300 years the voodoo queen (the coven’s arch nemesis) was still young and beautiful. It was finally answered this episode, and boy, did it explain and introduce a lot. The show introduced the ancient and genuinely creepy voodoo spirit Papa Legba as the answer to the voodoo queen’s immortality. The voodoo queen trades one innocent soul every year in exchange for infinite life and upon hearing this horrid condition, Fiona happily jumps on the bandwagon.

Fiona’s character arch this season has been so very interesting and just about as realistic as a TV show about witchcraft can be. Her disastrous illness, failing family, and deteriorating quality of life has led this character through some amazing changes from timid and guilty to evil and ruthless. It is most noted that when Fiona is backed into a corner, that she behaves just as an animal and fights her way out with claws bare and ready to strike, as seen in this episode. As her disease begins to reappear, Fiona goes to the utmost extreme to escape death and offers Papa Legba her own soul in order to get what she wants. After hearing news that she, in fact, has no soul, Fiona’s mood changes on the dime from passion to just pure evil as she plots to kill every witch in the coven that could possibly be draining her power.

Although, Madison does beat her to killing off Misty as early in the episode, Madison buries her alive after almost tricking her into ditching the custom shawl Stevie Knicks gave to her very early on. I found myself shocked at first, as they were killing off a major character in the season, and then I remembered: many key characters have been “killed off” once already this season (Misty included) just to be resurrected later by Misty’s powers. I’m not sure if this comfort of character death is a really cool and unique plot device brought on by the writers, or just a result of them being very lazy.

Returning to the Stevie Knicks appearance as previously mentioned, it was completely laughable. It seems that the producers for the show were just looking for ways to get a few extra hundred middle aged women viewers this episode and they thought ever popular artist of the old, Stevie Knicks could do that job well. Stevie appears to drop a few lines of dialogue and then play a nice tune on the piano before walking off the show never to be seen again.

Meanwhile, Cordelia is in her lab working on some unknown potion while previous Head of the Witch Council Myrtle Snow plays her somber theremin. I actually found this scene obscurely hilarious as Myrtle toys with Cordelia’s wits end with the small movements of her hand over her theremin. When Cordelia finally has her temper tantrum later on in the scene and wails about how useless she is, I realized too, just how useless she is. Her foresight was somewhat relevant to the plot a few episodes ago but it seems that her true purpose this season as a character and an actress is lost.

Now that the voodoo queen and Fiona are working together on one central goal, I think the show regains an awesome new focus and really sets itself up for an awesome final showdown. I look forward to these upcoming episodes. Score: 9/10.

Alex Troutt/Senior Staff Writer

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