Logan Conrad / OracleThe Steinbrenner High School boys basketball team has been working diligently to make it as far as they can this season.  With a new coach and a 5-10 season so far, the team is still hopeful they’ll clench a play-off spot, something that’s never been done by the boys basketball team before.

“I feel very good about this season so far,” said Coach Reginald Anderson.  “Being a new coach here, the team is learning me and I them, but I think we’ve been getting better and better as the season goes on.”

Anderson feels especially proud of the boys performence during the holiday break at a tournament they went 2-1 at.

“Over the holiday break, the team really came together cohesively and started to get along much better,” said Anderson.

Anderson has been making a lot of defensive adjustments and rotation changes in order to help the team reach their goals. He believes some of their key players, ?Junior? Keshawn Ingram, Junior Jack Frank, and (grade??) Jamal Burns, will help lead the team to the success they so desire.

“Right now we’re planning on making the play-offs, that’s one of our main goals since the beginning of the season,” said Anderson.

The boys will continue to work to acheive their goals and be the first boys basketball team to make the play-offs.  Be sure to check out this talented team at Steinbrenner High School on Friday, January 10 against Gaither.

Sophie Bocksnick/Staff Writer


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