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AP Psychology and social studies teacher Beverley Jarrett has won the prestigious title of teacher of the year on three separate occasions. This being the first time she has achieved the award while teaching at Steinbrenner High School.

AP psychology and senate teacher Beverley Jarrett was recently announced as teacher of the year for the sixth time in her 36 years of teaching, this being the first of her six years to achieve the prestigious title while working at Steinbrenner.

“I am really shocked but very honored to hold that distinction. I love this school and am very proud to represent,” said Jarrett.

Previously, Jarrett has been teacher of the year 3 times at Chamberlain and twice at Gaither. She had always known that she wanted to be a teacher ever since she was a little girl. It was not until she was observing a second grade class in college however that she realized a high school teaching position is where she was destined to belong. Jarrett has taught nearly every subject in the social studies curriculum, starting her psychology streak 20 years ago when she moved locally and began teaching at Chamberlain.

“I knew all along that I should be a teacher. I had a break for 6 years when my little boy was diagnosed with a fatal disease. I needed to be home with him. After his death, I went right back to the classroom,” said Jarrett.

Aside from the textbook teaching perspective, Jarrett also occupies a leadership role as senate teacher. It all started when she got her first job and was the junior class sponsor, as well as the cheerleading coach at that school for eight years. She’s always had school spirit. When she transferred to Chamberlain she became the Beta sponsor and later on at Gaither was asked to be the NHS sponsor. When Steinbrenner opened she was honored to begin the fledgling school’s very own NHS chapter.

“I think it is a very important part of my job to lead by example and show students how to be good citizens,” said Jarrett.

Her extra activities (Hats for Hero’s, Bear Drive, Jeans for Teens, Buckle Up campaigns, etc) assist students in learning how to give back to their community. She is also very proud that she has been able to inspire three former students to serve in leadership roles on their college campuses. Kids have even come back to her after college letting her know the skills they learned in senate, such as how  marketing their campaigns have helped them to procure jobs and perform well overall.


Marissa Hibel/Staff Writer

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