And the craze continues as British boy band One Direction releases their third studio album, Midnight Memories. The title is evidently ironic, as one would probably only remember half the memories created at midnight, and only half the songs on this album.

There was a lot of hype behind the album, considering that the two singles released from this album earlier this year (“Best Song Ever” and “Story Of My Life”) both became fast billboard-topping songs. Although the official release date was set for November 25th, the album leaked over the internet early November. The real question is, was it even worth the early listen?

I had to listen to this album around five times just to avoid reviewing it unfairly. But, it’s official: no matter how many times one listens to it, it’s impossible to get over the sudden mood drop that occurs after the fifth song on the track list. The album holds a hefty track list with 18 songs in total, but only five of those songs seem to be worth a listen.

The popular British boy band's (3rd?) LP slumps in comparison to previous albums, with tracks that sound exactly the same, save for a few that manage to stand out.
The popular British boy band’s 3rd LP slumps in comparison to previous albums with tracks that sound exactly the same, save for a few that manage to stand out.

The album starts out with hit singles “Best Song Ever” and “Story Of My Life”, a genius idea to captivate listeners; starting off with songs that everyone has already adapted to. Following, is “Diana”, which is One Direction’s soon-to-be next single off of Midnight Memories. There are no words to describe this song other than “boy band chic”, and what every preteen girl wants to hear. The lyrics include the boys of One Direction begging some girl to “let them be the one to save her life” and although it may be cheesy, I don’t know of any girl that would refuse the offer.

The two other following tracks “Midnight Memories” and “You and I” are favorites (If I was forced to choose) off the album. “Midnight Memories” carries the classic “let’s go do something bad, girl!” vibe that boy bands always try to go for, but it just turns into something so awkwardly quirky that listeners can’t help but love it. But just when getting into it, the next track, “You and I” begins to play, and one can practically feel the heaviness that this song carries through the speakers. It honestly seems like a song that wasn’t written by the boys of One Direction, because it’s so much deeper and truly more heartfelt than the others. It’s reminiscent of “Little Things” which was written by British singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran and featured on One Direction’s last album Take Me Home. “You and I” focuses on the bad things that happen in the world, but that won’t ever happen between the boys and their significant others; it really hits home for all teenage girls around the world, trust me.

To be honest, even mentioning any of the other songs off this album would be a waste of time. They all sound exactly the same, and not in a good way at all. If one closed their eyes and listened to the rest of the 13 tracks, one wouldn’t notice where they started and/or ended. The songs are full of awkward sexual frustration shoved into 4 minute increments, with fleeting attempts to win over the girl with their sensitive ways, because even though fans have heard all of this before, they promise them that they are “not like the other guys”. But, for those who enjoy listening to songs about lust and heartbreak that relay the same cookie-cutter boy band ballads, then proceed on, eager Directioner. Score: 3/10

Gabby Shusterman/Photo Editor

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