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Principal Brenda Grasso walks into the courtyard to be greeted by a group of faculty members. Grasso’s last day was Friday, April 26.

Friday, April 26 was former principal Brenda Grasso’s last day at Steinbrenner. Faculty members congregated in the courtyard after school to “clap” Grasso out one last time.

Right after the last tear-filled afternoon announcement given by Grasso,  teachers, custodians, and assistant principals gathered around the flagpole after the final bell. Grasso was led out to an applause from the crowd.

This was planned the morning of to honor Grasso before she left for her new job, Area Leadership Director which she accepted Tuesday, April 23.

Grasso will be missed by the staff she is leaving behind, most of which she has worked with since her days as the former Gaither principal. Many lined up to bid their final farewell with hugs and thoughtful words for her.

“Ms. Grasso has been my mentor since the beginning of my teaching career at Gaither, and she’s really impacted me,” said AP World History teacher Dr. Shelli Barton who has worked with Grasso for over five years.

Grasso has also touched the teachers at Steinbrenner with her active interest in the school’s student life and extracurricular activities, such as the drama program.

“Right from the day I was hired she’s been incredibley supportive and very open to discussions as far as how to build a program to best suit this school. She’s always been somebody I felt like I could talk to, and is a very strong leader,” said theater teacher Lindsay Painter.

Grasso will move on to work on the district level overseeing Area III in Hillsborough County.


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