The finale episode caused such an uprising in my house that I thought the roof was actually going to come off.

The episode opens on a little boy in a Poe mask. My mom and I were speculating that it was Joey in some part of Joe’s twisted plot, but alas, it was just some random kid, sent by Emma.

The FBI are going crazy searching for Parker, the one who got buried last episode, and the random kid has a clue. A phone number on the inside of the mask.

She calls the number and it’s Parker! She tells that she’s buried alive, but getting to her is the problem. They find one of her capturers, and Ryan gets his ‘against-the-law’ ways and beats her location out of him. After everything Ryan and the gang have been though it’s good to see him and Weston get a little payback.

But by the time they get there, another member of our diminishing team is gone, Ryan kills the cultie that took Parker, and finds something so unreal that even he is shocked.

Joe’s manuscript of his new book. What? Joe wouldn’t show anyone that thing and now he just hands it over?

Everything is planned out, except for one thing. Weston is supposed to be dead. Strike one Joe.

I thought Ryan should have taken Weston with him as a surprise but Ryan freaked.

So he went alone.

Joe ties him up but I mean come on it’s Ryan Hardy people!

Hes gets out in like two minutes, and chases Joe into the boat house.

Creepiest place ever.

They struggle, gas cans get knocked over, then shot.

BOOM! Explosion. Fire. Joe screams! Ryan escapes to Claire.

Everything seems to be perfect. Joe is confirmed to dead from the fire. The happy little couple go back to  Ryans place, to start their ‘Happy ever after’.

But there is something we forgot.

Molly, Ryan’s on-again off-again girlfriend, and secret cultie, is at the apartment waiting for them.

With Joe dead she gets to finish the book. The Final chapter was always hers.

Claire goes to the bathroom just before Molly appears.

Molly stabs Ryan with his own kitchen knife, like really?, and as Claire comes out screaming, Molly sneaks up and stabs her too.

The feels got to me.

The seasons over. But is the show?

Score: 10/10.

Tiffany Napoli / Graphics Department

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