After not selling enough tickets, the PTSA had to cancel the Sadie Hawkins dance originally scheduled for April 20th. They plan to try and have one during the 2013-2014 school year sometime in February.

According to PTSA president Jeanette Scarboro, the Sadie Hawkins dance has been cancelled as of April 11, 2013. Scarboro and the rest of the PTSA finally decided to “pull the plug,” due to a lack in ticket sales.

“Over and over students brought up the idea of a Sadie Hawkins dance to me and Mr. Henderson, so we finally said ‘hey, lets help the kids put this together'”, said Scarboro. “Even though there wasn’t any room for [the dance] in the budget, if the students wanted it, we were going to make it happen.”

Scarboro said that this week was the one they really needed to up ticket sales, and if they had sold a majority of them, then the PTSA would have gone on with the plan.

“I think it’s the name,” said Scarboro. “With this generation, I doubt many of the kids know what the Sadie Hawkins is. We tried to brand it as not just something you needed a date for, that you could even go with friends, but sales didn’t pick up.”

Looking to the future, Scarboro said she wants to try and do one next year when they have more time to plan, and because she felt it got in the way of prom.

As for the items already collected for the dance, Scarboro said they will be used for Teacher Appreciation Week coming up the week of May 6th.

Emily Goldbach / Sports Editor

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