The episode that aired on April 1 was mad crazy. But I was right in last week’s episode review. It was also fantastic.

Claire is getting beat up on by Jacob, which personally I think isn’t so bad. She’s been so stupid lately, I don’t care.

The boot camp, where new culties get kept, gets found by the FBI, and it’s creepy. Random people in cages, tons of guns and bombs, and blood. Lots of blood.

Courtesy of FOX
Courtesy of FOX

We find out that creepy Vince from last week actually has a little flame in New York and he almost kills her too. But whatever, she’s not a major deal in the story and her place of business “Wings and Regrets” is not very appropriate for TV.

Back at the cult house, Joe isn’t satisfying his peoples needs to kill. He’s to focused on his families reunion. I think there is a mutiny on the horizons of our little cult, starting with Roderick.

The culties are going crazy, especially Roderick. He was the biggest mood swing I’ve ever seen in this show! He goes from pulling a gun on Vince, to laughing his butt off, to holding back tears, then he breaks some random culties nose! Like seriously Roderick what is wrong with you?

I actually love Roderick, I think he’s adorable, crazy- but adorable. He’s probably my favorite cult member.

We find out that Ryan’s ex, Molly, only dated Ryan because she is part of the cult, and records all their little escapades. Ew. But we also learn that she is the one who gets to kill Ryan when the time comes. Interesting.

This week’s episode ends with a heart-felt meeting of Joey and Claire, because Joe wants Claire love again. Aw.

I don’t think nexs weeks episode will be that great; if anything the culties might rebel against Joe. Hopefully I’m wrong and it will be another fantastic episode. This show has not disappointed fans yet. Score: 8.5/10

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