This past week, Steinbrenner High School was visited by representatives from CollegeRecrewt, a scholarship service that helps students pay for their post-high school education. 13 Steinbrenner students were recognized for their unique habits and talents. Among them was senior Tonya Torque, who received a prestigious award for her notorious twerking abilities.

“I was delighted,” said Torque’s mother. “I couldn’t even believe it; it’s a dream come true.” Although she was surprised at her daughter’s achievement, considering her poor grades throughout school, Mrs. Torque is happy

to take the money to further her daughter’s education. Torque plans to use her $50,000 grant to help pay for the University of North Florida, although she has not yet decided on her career path.

“I’m really honored to receive this award,” said Torque. “Twerking is challenging, but also so rewarding. It’s my passion.” Torque has also performed competitively in dance groups, though she has yet to claim a first place trophy. She has instead been recognized her for her hard work, devotion and dedication to the art since the age of 12.

Also part of the winning bunch was senior Dan Turner, well known in his community as the “town p

rophet”. Turner has received the Psychics of the Future Scholarship, worth $20,000 towards the college of his choice.

Though branded as “that psychic kid who always skips class” by his classmates, this reward undoubtedly showcases Turner’s extraordinary abilities and does away with any mistakes he could’ve possibly made in the past. “I already knew I would win,” said Turner. “But it still feels good.” When asked where he has been accepted, Turner stated confidently that he would be receiving a letter from Cornell University on March 20th.

Torque and Turner weren’t the only ones who received these well-deserved cash prizes; amongst them was senior John Jenkins, who was granted the Star Wars Speaker Scholarship for his proficiency in the fictional language of Ewokese, and junior Becca Morrison, who won $7,000 for her relationship to American rapper Sean Combs. Mo

st may know him as P. Diddy, but Morrison knows him as Uncle Puff. This affiliation with the recognized rap star caused quite a stir in her community (especially during her 2nd grade show-and-tell) an, according to a spokesperson, CollegeRecrewt couldn’t let such remarkable news pass them by.

The final scholarship winner was sophomore Oscar Olden, who was presented with a scholars

hip for hoarding over 10,000 granola bars. When asked what made them decide to give out such a valuable college grant, CollegeRecrewt representative Michael George admits that he prefers more versatile individuals who don’t fit the standard of regular honor roll students. “Oscar worked really hard to achieve this goal,” said George, “so why shouldn’t he be rewarded for it? It’s obvious that he has achieved more than your typical kid. I think it’s important for students to realize that good grades and extracurricular activities just aren’t enough anymore.”

CollegeRecrewt is working on developing several more scholarships that will bring to light students’ wonderful talents and help them pay for college. Undeniably, students will need to find new ways of impressing college recruiters—and perhaps look into their family trees for any links to notorious millionaire rappers—as it seems that obtaining principal’s honor roll will no longer suffice. Steinbrenner students should keep an eye out for these scholarships and stay in touch with CollegeRecrewt to be rewarded for their accomplishments and talents. They are also encouraged not to stress over their inability to twerk or hoard 10,000 granola bars, because sooner or later their moment will come.

Nataly Capote / Chief Copy Editor

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