The Warriors warm up before Thursday night's game against district rival and contender for the number one seed, The Gatiehr Cowboys. the Warriors went on to win 1-0 theirfore clinching the district number one seed.
The Warriors warm up before Thursday night’s game against district rival and contender for the number one seed, Gaither. The Warriors went on to win 1-0, clinching the district number one seed.

With the Gaither Cowboys (9-7) and the Warriors (14-1) both displaying dominant pitching, it was difficult to put the average amount of runs on the scoreboard Thursday night, with the Warriors pulling it out 1-0.

“Gideon (Dunn) and Logan (Lapace) did what we expected of them. The credit goes to (Hunter) Henderson, the pitcher from Gaither. He kept us off the bases and unbalanced. We had the one big inning with Danny (Rodriguez) and (Alex) Hanson that didn’t work out but we were able to get (Cole) Gordon to square one up and hit one out,” said Warriors Head Coach John Crumbley.

The Warriors only run and one of six hits came on a first pitch fastball from senior Cowboy, Hunter Henderson, who threw it right in the wheel house of junior, designated hitter, Cole Gordon, who then blasted it way past the right field fence for the tie breaking scoring run in the bottom of the fourth inning.

“I was looking for a mistake,” said Gordon.

Junior pitcher, Gideon Dunn pitched five innings, with four strikeouts, three walks, and only two hits allowed. This marked Dunn’s sixth win of his seven marked appearances during the season, keeping him the team leader in wins, innings pitched, and strikeouts. Pitch count forced Crumbley to put in senior pitcher Logan Lapace to finish the game.

“I feel like we were prepared coming into this game but we definitely struggled with our pitch selection a little offense-wise” said Dunn.

This game put the Warriors up a solid two games on Gaither for the District title, and moves their district record 6-0. The win also made the Warriors  the number two seeded team in all of Class 7A in Florida.

“A lot of guys have been sick and it’s been hard to get to practice due to the cold and sickness, but there are no excuses and I am glad I contributed tonight. We thought about locking the number one district seed up a little but we ended up focusing on the game and having fun,” said Gordon.

“We will focus on completing one game at a time and practicing the things that will make us better,” said Crumbley.

The Warriors will move on to face the district rival, Chamberlin chiefs (2-13) on the road.


Evan Abramson / Staff Writer

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